No Nazi Noise

by Various Artists

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Originally released as a cd-r+zine compilation. Over an hour of music with half-page sized booklet containing artists’ writings about their experiences with right-wing racism in the noise scene.

More than a dozen international artists in the genres of harsh noise, glitch, improv, digital hardcore, and more opposing bigotry, fascism, homophobia, misogyny, and prejudice in noise.

Release of the compilation was commemorated with a huge release show including almost a dozen performers as well as a week-long East Coast US tour featuring Dormant Conscience, Black Bloc, and Cincinnatus C.

Curated by NNNCoalition co-founder RJ Myato.

NOTE: The version of the compilation available for free download on this site contains a .pdf file of the entire contents of the accompanying zine. This booklet was an important part of the release and it would be ideal to include it in your experience of the audio.


released March 5, 2010

RJ Myato - curator.



all rights reserved


NNNCO Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

NNNCO was an artistic collective & DIY cassette/cd-r label that released noise, improv, punk, & lo-fi pop music from 2009- 2012. This is an archive. See the links below for more information and related labels, including the sublabel Kill Collector Culture (2012-2015). ... more

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Track Name: Black Bloc - Numb the Insecurity
Behind the derogatory language
the charade of superiority
Lies a damaged person, self-loathing
trying to cope with perceived inferiority
This system, hierarchic authority
leaving wounds that become nurtured by an ignorant majority
Casting stones to the scapegoats
raising arbitrary pride to numb the insecurity

Arbitrary pride numbing the insecurity

Fuck your pride
Fuck your hatred
Your life was born on lies
Track Name: Realicide - Afraid In Your Games
I'm just another P.C. faggot
watching your joking intolerance turn to endorsement
fuck your suburban hell of accidental bigotry

I'm just another straightedge asshole
and if I don't live like you I must be a threat to anybody like you - right? RIGHT?

your assumptions are pathetic - insecure and anorexic
you'll always hate my guts cos I've got the strength to give a fuck
violence, for no reason, other than to impress
violence, you wanna dominate, without an argument, just blind threats

macho insecurity = you can't stand yourself!
your assumptions are pathetic - insecure and anorexic
you'll always hate my guts cos I've got the strength to give a fuck
violence, for no reason, other than to impress
violence, you wanna dominate, without an argument, just blind threats
Track Name: Realicide - Prove Me Wrong
(talking about that automatic ACCIDENTAL NIHILISM...)
no shit-talking! no condescending! don't talk down to me!
I was never like you! you weren't like me!
we're nothing like you - we don't want the shit you want or do - no misrepresentation
envious and boring fuckers - envious and boring
I was never like you - you weren’t like me
glory - aimless glory for what - fuck you - count me out
what do you believe in - you don't have shit to show
what do you believe in - nothing - a default - a defense - lazy old fuckers
born brats, born fucking old - can't keep up so you gotta talk shit
fuck you - I quit - I can move on - can you?
what else do you have - nothing - a default - a defense - absolutely nothing
you can't keep up - you're dead to me - rotting in the dullest shit in Cincinnati!!!

hobbies can fucking suck it and sound for sound's sake fucking sucks too
don't you waste my time - tell me tell me tell me what - all you say or do is shit!
why are you here in my fucking face - careful to keep every word you say vague
you're scared I'll find out you're still figuring shit out
who the fuck isn't if they ain't it's a lie yeah - all you say or do is shit!
and expect me to automatically put up with it
tell me tell me tell me what you're doing to lift a single life up
vague - scared - desperate - I won't stand by this!
Track Name: Clang Quartet - The Separation of Church and Hate Revisited
Genesis 1:27. "So God created man in his own image: in the image of God he created he him, male and female he created he them." You'll notice it doesn't say anything about what color the men or the women were. That's because God doesn't care what color they were.

Acts 10:34-35. "Peter opened his mouth and said: of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons, but in every nation he that feareth him and worketh righteousness is accepted with him." God is not concerned with how much money you have, the kind of clothes you wear, things like that. He is also not concerned with the color of your skin. He created you. That's good enough for God, and it should be good enough for mankind.

Galatians 3:28-29. "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female, for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. And if ye be Christ, then ye be Abraham's seed, and heirs according to the promise." In other words, no matter where you were born or what color you are, Jesus died for you, too.