Utopia or Apocalypse

by RJ Myato

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This power electronics / grindcore / harsh noise ep was recorded in late 2009 and released as in August 2010. It was packaged in a spraypainted and labeled DVD case with labeled cd-r and lyric booklet.


released August 1, 2010

RJ Myato - vocals, noise, samples, computer editing, lyrics.



all rights reserved


NNNCO Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

NNNCO was an artistic collective & DIY cassette/cd-r label that released noise, improv, punk, & lo-fi pop music from 2009- 2012. This is an archive. See the links below for more information and related labels, including the sublabel Kill Collector Culture (2012-2015). ... more

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Track Name: To Sherriff Joe
we've heard a lot about you, Joe
down in Maricopa County
America's toughest sheriff
we'll fuckin see, we'll see

paramilitary fascist
hater of immigrants.
burning down houses
and murdering prisoners

putting kids on chain gangs
no value in human rights
innocent until proven guilty
a phrase you like to ignore

a million dollars in lawsuits
from all your wrongful deaths
seventy thousand outstanding warrants
you'd rather fuck with Mexicans.

I'd like to free Tent City
watch em burn it down
put your big head on a pike
see how fuckin tough you are.

this is for you Sheriff Joe.
we'd like to see Arizona sometime.
just keep us in mind.
we're comin for you you fuckin pig.
Track Name: Slaveholder.
While having no ability to enter through skin,
they often enter through natural openings such as
the mouth, gills or anus
and consume their prey from the inside out.
Track Name: Flightless Birds
Sterilize you, jawless and one-eyed
Drain your greedy veins
Luminescent sweetness of adrenalin
Track Name: Pollinator
Jonathan's wound.
sprinkle it in.
misshapen teaspoon.
Jonah and the Whale.
the boy can't talk.
Track Name: Vagrant
fine bottle and powder carefully traded for an italian hijacking.

one-armed youthful distributor grovels shamelessly.
blood red mare covered in sperm from nose to tail.
sullenness is pitiless, anger faded penance.
barefoot wretch on our fair isle.
drunk and wonderful highflier convulsing for hours.
ill from birth, blissful but clear.
Track Name: Skin Fused to Couch
unappeasable sinkhole
sun-worshipping glutton
doped and sucked dry
Track Name: Fraternity
We’d just beat people in general.
If they’re on the street,
hanging around drug locations.
It was a show of force.
To show who was in charge.
We were in charge,
the police.
Track Name: Redecorating the Vomitorium
misplay of tears.
burnt, jawless,
slim-waisted, maimed.
teeth lying on the floor.

Geography of teeth.
Heartbeat slicked with Vaseline.
Teeth lying on the floor.
Track Name: Prison Talk
rare gift like a thumbscrew.
skullcap & microchip.
sketched out just like you wanted.

gift-wrapped in goatskin.
on to the milking station.
my fighting spirit just like you wanted.

where is everybody today?
Track Name: A Little Oak Melody
“A little oak melody,” you said.
Little sissy, put you on a shelf.
Vague snapping of twigs outside.
Tightening of ocular clamp.